Safety Measures

Below are the safety measures we have put in place to keep you safe.
To read more on our Risk Assessment, please view the pdf link below:


Risk Assessment


  • Hand Washing

    We have timers in our kitchens set every 20 minutes to remind our team to wash their hands.

  • Distancing

    The number of tables in our restaurant has been reduced and there is at least one metre between every table.

  • Facemasks

    We encourage all of our team to wear facemasks.

  • Wellness

    We check our team every time they come on shift & carry out temperature checks. Anyone that displays any symptoms is sent home

  • Layout Adjustment

    We have adjusted our layouts to allow for physical distancing between guests and workers. We will be using the “1-metre-plus” approach where we cannot alter layouts to provide 2m distancing.

  • Cleaning

    We have increased our cleaning so all contact surfaces are cleaned every 30 minutes.

  • Table Maintenance

    We have single use menus. Cutlery, napkins and glassware will be brought to your table after you have ordered. We aim to make less trips to the table than we would normally.

  • Audits

    We have been audited by food industry safety experts to ensure we are doing everything to limit the spread.

  • Laundry

    We have clean uniforms every day and our uniforms are laundered by a professional company.

  • Hand Sanitiser

    There are hand sanitiser stations positioned around the restaurant for our guests to use.


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