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We are very proud to have sourced some incredible artisanal ingredients from Taiwan, and we regularly return to Taiwan on the search for more high quality products to import to the UK.

An example of this is our Aged White Soy, which is sourced from Ping Tung in Taiwan. A rare first pressing of the yellow soy bean that is aged for 450 Days.

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We carefully source our produce from selected suppliers from around the UK. Our Beef is aged for 40 Days and is from Warrens Butchers in Cornwall, Chicken is free range, Pork from Swaledale in Yorkshire. Our Seafood has full traceability and is sourced from dayboats in Cornwall.


We import all our Teas with a focus on Oolong Tea, working closely with a select few Teahouses in Taiwan that we have built relationships with over the years.

Taiwan is known for producing some of the world’s best teas. The high humidity, warm climate and mountainous areas in Taiwan give it the perfect growing conditions for tea.



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