XU x Simone Rocha

We created a Chinese Feast and a popup Teahouse at Matches Fashion Carlos Place. For the opening night, we steamed a giant ‘Longetievity Peach Bun’, that when cut open, spilled out mini Peach Buns filled with red bean paste.

Alongside the Giant Bun, we served a menu of Pork Dumplings in Jade Sauce, Classic Mixed H’ordeoves, Steamed Bread, Fruit on Ice Sculpture, Punch. All on a long red table with flowers from …… and jelly pear towers.

As part of the collaboration, Erchen Chang, Artist Chef of BAO and XU, created a display cabinet, using steamed dough as a platform for Simone Rocha’s Jelwery. The dough proved and grew in volume over time, softly ‘cushioning’ the display jewellery.


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