Artist Dinner #1

BAO X Yu Yu Wang

The first of our Artist Dinner was a collaboration with Yu Yu Wang. Yu Yu graduated from her MA in Fine Art from The Slade in July 2016. During her time at The Slade she worked at the BAO Bakery which became part of her world and an extension of her studio.

Art, Music and Design are strong influences in the way we create our food and our restaurants.
The Artist Dinner Collaborations are a way to further explore the connections between these fields alongside food, through a series of out-of the ordinary menus. For us, they are an exciting way to incorporate other processes, instructions or sensibilities into our food.

The dinner is the culmination of an ongoing sculptural dialogue between Yu Yu’s work and her experiences of working at BAO by which her work enters other spaces.

As well as the dinner and experience, a series of limited edition prints were given to diners at the end of the meal.


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