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Keep connected with friends and loved ones from around the country over a shared meal experience. Whether you are in Liverpool and your friend is in London, we can deliver our Made-by-you Kits nationwide for you to connect, cook, eat together.

For £22-24pp + delivery, you will receive a BAO made-by-you Kit of your choice.

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How it works

We’ll need a list of addresses and also names and phone numbers for the courier service. The choice of BAO Kit and a delivery Date.


£22-24pp + Delivery. Once we have all the information, we will send over payment details.


You will need to use your own video conferencing platform. If you need help we can recommend several platforms.

BAO Connect Enquiry Form


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  • Classic Made-by-you Kit

    6pc Classic Pork BAOs containing 12hrs Braised Pork, Coriander, Peanut Powder, Fermented Greens

  • Daikon Made-by-you Kit (v)

    6pc Daikon BAOs containing Panko Daikon, Pickled Daikon, Coriander, Hot Man Sauce

  • Extras: Sweet, £16

    5pc Peach BAO Bakery Goods filled with Red Bean and White Chocolate.

  • Extras: More BAOs, £6.5

    6pc plain steamed Gua BAO ready to be filled with a filling of your own choice.


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